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IVR Technology Group

IVR Technology Group is a leading intelligent Call Tracking and Call Routing provider.

About IVR Technology Group

IVR Technology Group has provided call routing solutions worldwide for over twenty years.

By utilizing IVR Tech Group’s technology, contact center agents can collaborate and access data regardless of their physical location. A hosted contact center – also known as a virtual contact center or a cloud call center – helps your team deliver personalized and improved customer experiences.


How IVR Technology Group Works With SiteLink

By combining IVR Tech Group’s highly customized Call Tracking Solution, CallOutCome 360, along with their Patented Call Routing Intelligence, customers can enjoy precise call delivery, robust call routing features as well as the ability to gain insights to call data. IVR Technology Group’s Call Tracking Platform allows enterprises to analyze call data from marketing campaigns, plot trends, create seasonality, compare media and channel results, and even track campaign results down to the core.


Want to learn more increasing your ROI and collecting caller data at the point of sale?

Watch this in-depth, recorded webinar about the Boost Return on Investment and Capture Caller Data from your Point of Sale. Learn about real-time analytics, customizing campaigns, and discover marketing attribution.

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