Stellar Joins Molo. Storable Expands its Commitment to the Marine Industry

October 31, 2022 – Storable has acquired Stellar, the ultimate boat rental reservation platform.

Stellar will join Molo and the Storable family of companies to unlock new potential for clients by adding a powerful new feature for boat rental management and boat club software. 

Combining Molo’s marina management software with Stellar’s rental management solution brings everything a marine operator needs to run their business into one system. There is now the opportunity to integrate marine business line solutions and leverage the best of Molo and Stellar, providing clients with more avenues for profitability.

Both Molo and Stellar have shared similar goals with a commitment to the operator experience. Molo’s goal has always been to level the playing field for all kinds of operators through leveraging technology in the marine industry. 

And for years, Stellar has been focused on making boat rental online booking easy for operators. This aligns perfectly with Storable’s mission to empower business owners by making their jobs easier and more effective.

All marine operations will continue to run parallel to the Storable self-storage business. This model will allow the existing Storable team to stay completely focused and dedicated to their self-storage customers.

Storable CEO Chuck Gordon has led the company’s growth by bringing together best-in-class products across every market segment that Storable serves. Stellar is the company’s twelfth acquisition since its formation in 2018.  

“We’re excited to have Stellar join Molo as part of our family of marine companies. Our goal has been, and remains, to make our products and technology so compelling that we are the clear choice for operators,” Gordon said. “By acquiring Stellar, we’re able to deepen our impact in the marine industry, enhance Molo’s offerings and create a truly seamless experience for marinas, boat rental operators and customers alike.”

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