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Fearless. Innovative. Empowering. Their wealth of experience in technology and self-storage work in perfect harmony to shape Storable and the industry’s future.



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If you asked a young Chuck Gordon what he wanted to be when he grew up, the co-founder and CEO of a tech company in the storage industry would not have been his answer. Chuck’s path to becoming the CEO of Storable has been anything but ordinary.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Chuck ventured out west for college, where he studied ceramics at UCLA. It didn’t take long before Chuck met his suitemate, best friend, SpareFoot co-founder, and future Storable CIO, Mario Feghali. The two came up with the idea after Chuck was struggling to find a place to store his stuff as he prepared for a semester abroad. They soon relocated to Austin, TX to launch SpareFoot, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Chuck is truly the heart and soul of our company. He’s fearless and fun-loving, never afraid to admit when he doesn’t know something and is always open to new ways of thinking. His leadership style reflects his personality — he values hard work but not at the expense of anyone’s happiness. It’s no surprise that Chuck’s favorite country to visit is Bhutan, where Gross National Happiness is a key metric.

When he’s not working to shape the future of Storable and the Self Storage Industry, Chuck enjoys crafting elaborate meals in the kitchen, spending time with his wife Jessica, tending to their garden, playing with his Sussex Spaniel Napoleon, or adding to his total of 56 countries visited. A natural leader, he takes us places, and the team at Storable is ready to follow Chuck’s lead wherever that might be next.



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One look at Charlie, and you know he was born to be a business leader. He’s sharp. Driven. Worldly. And dedicated. He graduated from the Mays Business School at Texas A&M before building a high-level performance career at tech companies like Dell, Bazaarvoice, and SpareFoot. He’s experienced in marketing, sales, client services, operations, product development, and more. When it comes to business, he’s seen a lot and done a lot. And when it comes to Storable, he pushes us to stay focused on progress – to keep getting better.

But don’t let his buttoned-up, all business all the time image fool you; Charlie’s just a guy who likes computers and Star Trek. So much so that he has Alexa programmed to respond to “Computer,” and even has a dedicated room complete with a phaser and Klingon Bat’leth sword. A true Trekker, indeed.

When he’s not focusing on the Health of The Business, Charlie’s busy retrofitting his home to be as automated as possible (like the Enterprise) and traveling to mountains and lakes for some boating, mountain biking, or shredding some fresh powder.

His sense of adventure and appreciation for anything well-crafted and engineered makes him the perfect fit for his role at Storable, as he continues to push and motivate our company to boldly go where no tech company has gone before.


Chief Innovation Officer

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Mario probably wouldn’t have said he wanted to start a tech company when he grew up. His degree in Psychobiology wouldn’t have suggested that’s what he’d end up doing either. Yet, here he is, the Co-Founder of SpareFoot and now, Storable’s Chief Innovation Officer.

He was born in Monterey, California but grew up in Boone, North Carolina. Where his parents, who immigrated to the United States from Lebanon, taught at Appalachian State University. They moved to Bakersfield, California, when he was in junior high. And while he loves playing the piano and was once in a punk rock band, he didn’t become the next great musical talent from Bakersfield. However, his passion for learning, instilled by his parents, led him to UCLA, where he became suitemates, and then best friends, with Chuck Gordon — a fateful event that led to the birth of SpareFoot.

As our Chief Innovation Officer, Mario is as dedicated to reimagining how technology can shape the Self Storage industry as he is to mastering his foosball skills and planning elaborate practical jokes. Just ask him about the ongoing hot dog prank he started over ten years ago. Spoiler alert, it involves him filling someone’s car to the brim with hot dogs.

When Mario’s not inspiring us to move the needle, you’ll find him playing tennis, carving up a mountain on his skis, or scuba diving in unforgettable places like the Seychelles. But his favorite time spent outside of work is with his wife, Erika, and their two German Shepherds, Beau and Biggie, in their home in Austin, TX.

We know we can count on Mario to help spark our next great innovation or evolution, and leave a hot dog, or 500 of them, in the most unexpected of places.


Chief People Officer

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Gill Godfrey heads up Storable’s People Operations. And as such, you might say she’s the Queen of our Culture. And not just because she hails from the United Kingdom, but because she takes her charge as a leader seriously and knows that no organization can reach its full potential without empowering its people.

Gill’s formal education, while intense, was non-traditional. She graduated from the Institute of Training and Development, now the Institute of Personnel and Development. With a focus on change management and organizational design, she has completed thousands of hours of training to better understand how adults learn and adapt.

Her professional journey began in the UK and saw her move to Los Angeles, Austin, and Miami before coming home to Austin, TX. She’s served in a variety of senior HR positions with Virgin, Brightstar, Golfsmith, and several other SaaS providers. Every stop emboldened her passion for people and a transparent and open culture.

Outside of work, Gill is easily the most exciting HR person in the world. She narrowly escaped a stampeding elephant in India and has an elephant tattoo to remind her that she’s not about to get trampled no matter what challenge she’s facing. When she’s not off on an adventure or visiting family in England, Gill and her husband are at home in Austin with their two dogs, Martha and Annie. You’ll find them enjoying their pontoon boat on Texas lakes, experimenting with new recipes, and rooting on the Cleveland Browns and Southampton F.C.

Gill’s steadfast belief in an open, transparent, and progressive corporate culture is what continues to set Storable apart from other tech companies. She sets the pace, and we all enjoy the ride.


Chief Financial Officer

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As the Chief Financial Officer at Storable, Alaine is very much a numbers person. But she knows that the numbers don’t mean much without the people behind them. And while the bottom line matters to her, so to do culture and growth.

Born and raised in South Africa, Alaine graduated from University and became qualified as a Chartered Accountant, equivalent to a CPA in the US. She moved to the United Kingdom to start her career in auditing and consulting with Deloitte. As enamored with innovation and technology as numbers, she decided to work for RackSpace, where she became the VP and Director of Finance, eventually landing in San Antonio, Texas. More recently, Alaine served as the VP of Finance for WP Engine in Austin, TX, before joining Storable in her current role.

When Alaine isn’t reviewing budgets or revenue forecasts, you’ll find her and her husband off on some adventure at home or abroad. At home, they’ll hike or kayak along the river they live on, or they’ll explore a new recipe in the kitchen. Abroad, they’ll add to the 39 countries they’ve already visited, ready to discover what makes each one special. Like Europe’s unique history and love for food. The people of Brazil’s attitude toward life. Or the inescapable beauty of the South Island of New Zealand.

Alaine approaches her work as she does life, with open eyes, an open heart, and an open mind. Always emphasizing the people and culture that makes us unique. She’s eager to help make Storable an excellent company today while preparing us to remain a great company in the future.


Chief Marketing Officer

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As our CMO, Shane leads our go-to-market strategy and execution across all marketing channels, and also played a pivotal role in the launch of the Storable brand. His approach to marketing is similar to his approach to life; authentic, humble, and keeping things fun.

Prior to his charge at Storable, Shane served in a number of senior-level marketing positions with global brands like Facebook, Walmart, and Kellogg’s and as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force. A graduate of Texas A&M University and the Joint Military Intelligence College in Washington, DC, Shane is driven by action and results.

Outside of work, his favorite and most important role is being Dad to his three boys Grant, Gabriel, and Sterling, and loving husband to his wife of 18 years, Erin. He also proudly serves as the Chairman of The Board of Directors of the National Fatherhood Initiative. When he and the family aren’t jet-setting across the globe to places like Dubai, India, Istanbul, and Iceland, informing people that Texas was once its own country, you’ll find him teaching his boys to root for the only Texas teams that matter (his words), the Aggies, Cowboys, and Rangers. A proud native Texan, if you couldn’t tell, Shane and his family call Austin home where you might spot him cruising around with the windows down in the first vehicle he ever owned, his 1972 Chevy C-10.

Service is at Shane’s core as he leads with a true servant’s heart. Equally as focused on the well-being of his team and the company’s goals, his leadership strikes the perfect balance to go win and win again.


Chief Revenue Officer

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As our Chief Revenue Officer, Greg’s charge is hitting our revenue goals, leading our sales, implementation, and customer success teams, and expanding our market presence. No short order, but there’s nothing Greg likes more than a challenge.

Greg grew up in Chicago and is a big fan of Chicago sports teams; especially the 2016 World Series Champion Cubs. Greg was taught at a young age the importance of hard work and focus. He graduated from Miami University with a degree in Business Psychology. With school debt and little money, Greg opted for a career in sales that eventually landed him at a successful start-up that went public and where he fell in love with the innovative and energetic environment that comes with a brand new enterprise. Greg’s worked for a number of companies since, including many of whom were acquired or went public, including Access Health/McKesson; Evity/BMC Software; Convio/Blackbaud, WebMD, and Bazaarvoice.

When Greg isn’t helping us hit our goals, you’ll find him expending that competitive energy elsewhere. He’s an avid cyclist and loves the outdoors. But more than staying active, Greg enjoys time with his family the most.

Greg is a competitive spark that helps Storable to achieve our goals in the industry. He keeps us motivated and inspired to get the job done and continue to shape the future of Self Storage


Chief Product Officer

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Eppie Vojt loves analyzing data. And he believes if you let it guide you, success will be had. That approach has helped Storable, and our customers, win time and again, which is why, as our Chief Product Officer, Eppie leads our Marketplace and Facility Websites strategy.

In high school, he taught himself how to design and build websites, eventually parlaying those skills into mastering SEO and digital marketing. He studied Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh before starting law school. Eight minutes in and he knew it wasn’t for him so he started in sales with the Yellow Pages and then pharmaceuticals. Weary of the prospect of sitting in yet another waiting room, he decided to pursue digital marketing full-time. This led him to Red Ventures, where he started as the Head of SEO before joining their executive leadership team. His first contact with Storable was as a consultant, but after suggesting some big, off-the-wall ideas for our future, we knew we wanted him on our team. Sweet fact, he worked security at the Hershey’s Chocolate factory while at Pitt.

Outside of work, He’s interested in whatever his kids are interested in. Usually, a sport, as he’s coached them to winless basketball seasons and undefeated soccer seasons. Lately, it’s running with a half-marathon under his belt. Aside from his family, he enjoys building furniture, playing various musical instruments, and all things Pitt, whose Alma Mater he can recite by heart.

Eppie truly loves his job and rarely turns his brain off. His curiosity and analytical skills continue to lead us to breakthroughs and new opportunities. We can’t wait to see what big idea he comes up with next


SVP, Engineering

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Growing up in Austin, Texas, Patrick Mizer knew he wanted to be a computer programmer. A true child of 80’s innovation, he taught himself to code on a TI-99/4A … for fun. As the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Storable, Patrick gets to bring his childhood passion to work every day.


Sometime after the 80’s, Patrick went on to study Computer Science at the University of Texas (go Longhorns). Eager to dive into his field of choice, he got a job as a software engineer his sophomore year at Texas. It was here that he built the tech stack for CreditCards.com (later Bankrate.com) and fine tuned his skills as an engineer while learning the inner workings of the tech industry.


This experience and inside knowledge helped Patrick “talk his way onto” the team at

SpareFoot in 2009. He met the founders of SpareFoot, Mario and Chuck, and their vision and his engineering background came together to make the company what it is today.


Patrick likes to “present solutions over problems” whenever possible. This philosophy helps to foster great work and create a positive culture for his team. Patrick says he’s driven by his work at Storable because we get to help our clients build better businesses.”


When Patrick isn’t working to create the next tech solution, you may find him spending time with his wife and three children (including twins) including cooking, drinking a craft beer or two, enjoying the Texas Longhorns game, playing chess, or hiking.

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