Operations Solutions

The Storable Platform empowers your operation with practical automation, elevating your net operating income through expanded revenue opportunities.

The Challenge

Increasing Efficiency and Revenue

The storage industry, like many other industries, has been forced to adapt to always changing market conditions. More than ever, operators need to identify new ways to reduce operating costs and increase revenue. To do so, they’ll have to reimagine the way they do business. 

The primary question, what resources exist to help drive new levels of operational efficiency that both reduce costs and increases revenue per tenant? As we move into a new era for the storage industry, operators are beginning to deploy practical automation with facility management software to overcome these exact challenges while also enjoying a major advantage over competitors.

To get more from their teams, operators need to automate tasks that don’t require a human touch like routine tenant communications or the late-to-lien process.

With a comprehensive and consistent view of critical operational and marketing data from across your portfolio, you can more clearly identify revenue and efficiency opportunities.

You can reduce the complexity of capturing, managing, and reporting on various types of payments with a payments solution that acts as a seamless extension of your facility management software

To protect tenants as well as enhance revenue per tenant, operators must uncover better ways to embed tenant insurance in the move in-process while also driving enrollment accountability amongst facility staff

Major shifts in supply and demand brought on by rapidly changing market conditions require that today’s operators take a dynamic approach to pricing to achieve optimal rental rates and occupancy

Operational Pillars

Storable believes simplicity and efficiency are at the heart of what makes a strong operation. That’s why we’ve designed the industry’s first fully comprehensive solution designed to support your end-to-end storage operations. The Storable Operations Solution leverages Storable Facility Management Software at its core, with both Storable Payment and Storable Insurance products acting as seamless extensions. As the only seamlessly integrated approach, it empowers operators to achieve new levels of efficiency while tapping into entirely new revenue opportunities.

Management Software

Practical Automation

Leverage practical, real-world automation to reduce the burden of competitive tasks on your staff and repurpose that time on tenant service and acquisition.

Comprehensive Reporting

Uncover opportunities and make more confident business decisions with a sophisticated reporting engine that allows you to tap into Marketing, Operations, and Financial data all in the same system.

Revenue Management

Achieve optimal rental revenue by deploying technology that empowers you to adjust rates — based on real-time changes in supply and demand — with surgical precision across facilities, unit types, and even tenant types.


Simplified Technology

Eliminate unnecessary technology tools like virtual terminals and time-consuming processes like transaction reconciliation with payments technology that is seamlessly embedded in your facility management software.

Enhanced Security

Reduce risk with credit card tokenization capabilities that ensure tenant card data is never housed in your software which makes your data less vulnerable to cyber attacks.


Embedded Process

Drive a new level of enrollment with exclusive features that embed the critical aspects of the tenant insurance enrollment process directly into your facility management software move-in workflow.

Enrollment Accountability

Capture, measure, and report on tenant insurance enrollment performance across facilities, unit types, and staff to ensure that you are optimizing your program and holding your team accountable

Access Control

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Manage, configure, and troubleshoot your Access Control program anywhere, anytime from your facility management software.

Significant Time Savings

Through a single support team with expert knowledge to help troubleshoot any issues across the Storable Platform.

Optimal Tenant Experience

By automatically granting tenants access to specific facility areas and guiding delinquent tenants to make payments when access is denied.

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