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Boost Occupancy, Efficiency, And Revenue.

storEDGE Software by Storable delivers automated workflows, simple reporting, easy-to-manage revenue, and auction tools, plus embedded mass email & SMS capabilities.

The Challenge

Operational Inefficiency And Missed Revenue.

Technology for the self-storage industry is incredibly fragmented, forcing operators to piece together different vendors’ tools to manage their business. They supplement these disjointed tools with manual, error-prone processes. As a result, operators are spending their time completing repetitive daily tasks and troubleshooting multiple tools when they could be focusing on driving value back to their business in a host of other ways.

We built storEDGE facility management software to provide operators with the most intuitive, all-in-one facility management solution available. Our capabilities complement existing daily workflows and empower operators with the freedom to focus on what matters: helping your customers and growing your business.

With automated task lists, comprehensive tenant management capabilities, and simple, out-of-box reporting tools.

With an intuitive revenue management system and fully-integrated auction management tools.

With embedded tenant communication capabilities and intuitive lead-to-lease user flow.

Daily Workflow Automation

Task List

Save time and enhance collections with an automated task list that ensures on-site staff and management are focused on your day-to-day operations. 


Create a frictionless tenant experience with an intuitive and flexible lead-to-lease workflow designed to walk on-site staff and management through capturing the key information needed about your tenants. Our powerful E-sign capability even empowers your tenants to complete the online move-in process on their own.

Intuitive Tenant Management

Communication Tools

Delight tenants with timely communication on the channel of their choice with fully-integrated email, SMS, phone, and mail capabilities that complement existing daily workflows. 

Tenant Records

Up-to-date tenant records empower your on-site staff and management with the information they need to manage and strengthen tenant relationships.

Comprehensive Reporting Systems


Keep a finger on your business’s pulse with out-of-box reporting structured around the data you need to inform your operating plan and business strategy. 

Report Scheduling

Ensure stakeholders are up-to-date on the health of your business with an intuitively-guided report scheduling workflow.

One Storable, One Support

Industry Expertise

Get the support you need faster, with a team that has a deep understanding of the unique needs of storage operators and tenants, earned from years of exclusively serving the industry. 

Expertise Across the Storable Platform

Unlock more value between your storEDGE facility management software, and the Storable Platform, with a support team that’s knowledgeable across our entire suite of products.

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