Payment Processing

More Reliable. More Secure. More Convenience.

Storable Payments gives both operators and consumers the convenience and peace of mind they want while seamlessly integrating with your Storable Software. 

The Challenge

Overly Complicated Payment Processing

Traditionally, you had to understand the business of payments in order to get the money you earn from your storage facilities. You needed to sort through hundreds of different fees, learn how to use multiple systems, and juggle different payment vendors, each of which has its own support team. All of this has been at the expense of focusing on running your business.

Storable Payments comes standard with Storable Software and is integrated out-of-the-box which eliminates the nuisance of relying on multiple vendors. Ultimately, this prevents updates from one vendor wreaking havoc on the integration between your products.

Save time by having your payments and facility management information side-by-side. Plus, with a single support team, you'll enjoy timelier and more knowledgeable help when you need it most.

Enjoy total peace of mind knowing data is secure and protected by best-in-class security protocols like data tokenization.

Enhanced Security

Best-in-Class Security with Tokenization

Know that your tenants’ data is protected because your products include tokenization, which means your customers’ payment information is never stored within your software.

Ease & Simplicity

One Product, One Support

Enjoy in-house support to address all your questions about software or payments.

Easy Onboarding

Onboard directly in your software and start taking payments as quickly as the same day so you can focus on your business, not on administrative tasks like setting up payments.

Centralized Login

Streamline transaction management, reporting, and settlement activity across facilities with a single centralized portal in your software that will empower your team to get more done. You no longer need to manage third party virtual terminals with separate logins. 

Multi-Channel Transactions

Simplify the tenant experience by offering payment options across channels including in-store, kiosk, online, auto-billing, etc.

Our Payment Products

SiteLink Merchant Services offers payment processing tools that integrate effortlessly with SiteLink, making it easy for storage owners to lower credit card fees, offer easy online payments, and consolidate payments, statements, and reporting.

Select Merchant Solutions uses cutting-edge technology to offer self-storage owners secure payment processing at budget-friendly rates. Select’s fast transactions and superior customer service are perfect for the unique needs and requirements of storage operators.

SBOA Merchant Services is trusted by hundreds of top operators for their payment processing needs. Provide your tenants with secure, convenient payment processing and enjoy low payment processing rates and seamless integration with your day-to-day management tools.

Payments Platform

OpenEdge’s mission is to be the industry’s leading technology-focused payments company, providing unparalleled service, products and professionalism to help businesses bridge the gap between information technology and payments services. Learn more, here.

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