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Tenant Protection. Seamless Integration.

Protect your customers and achieve your program goals with Storable Insurance powered by Storsmart and Bader, and fully integrated with Storable Software.

The Challenge

Unnecessary Risk for Operators & Tenants

One of the key concerns of any business owner is risk mitigation, and when tenants are uninsured, operators expose themselves to risk. That risk can be financial or reputational as operators spend time resolving issues with angry customers or responding to reviews online rather than driving business value.

An effective tenant insurance program is one of the easiest ways to avoid the risk associated with underinsured tenants.

By integrating the insurance product into your software workflow, you are able to guide your managers through the insurance move-in flow, measure performance, and understand who to target to reduce facility risk.

Storable Insurance is powered by Storesmart and Bader, who offer best-in-class training honed through decades of experience. With this industry-leading training and reinforcing technology, you can achieve full-coverage enrollment rates.

Robust Training

Decades of Lessons Learned

Our training experts bring decades of experience to guide your team through best practices that enable you to ensure every tenant in your facility is covered. 

Continued Support

Not only do we provide training, but we also offer continued coaching, monitoring, and education after launch.

Insurance Workflows

Streamlined Move-in

Insurance is built into the move in flow with default coverage options that make it easy to ensure tenants are protected.

Intuitive Reminders (coming soon)

Never miss lapsing policies again. Notifications for expiring insurance allow you to focus on risk reduction, not administrative work.

Measurable Results

Actionable Data

The tenant insurance program integrates seamlessly with Storable Software to track participation and help you understand progress towards program goals.

Integrated Reporting

Storable offers robust reporting data to offer operational insight on key metrics like delinquency, churn, and more (exact reports vary by software).

Offer Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Coverage

The tenant insurance program covers loss from fire; lightning; windstorms; hail; weight of ice, snow, or sleet; building collapse; smoke damage; water damage (except for flood); vandalism; malicious mischief; and burglary, among other incidents.

Did you know? 01/02

The Storable team that I work with at Bader is incredible. They walk us through everything we need to get us licensed in new states we’re entering.

Brittney Best

Regional VP KO Storage

We've used Storsmart for many years and the customers really responded great to it with hurricanes and other things we have on the Gulf Coast.

Wes Mink

President Storage Choice

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