Cubix Asset Management

Service Areas: Alameda county, Contra costa county, Marin county, Monterey county, Napa county, San Francisco county, San Joaquin county, San Luis Obispo. county, San Mateo county, Santa Barbara county, Santa Clara county, Santa Cruz county, Solano county, Sonoma county, Ventura county

Unlocking self-storage performance with premium management expertise, innovative technology plus exceptional design and entitlement consulting.

About Cubix Asset Management

Cubix, Your Trusted Partner for Self-Storage Management and Innovation

Cubix Asset Management is a one-stop-shop self-storage company focused on the Northern and Central California markets. As a partner of choice for over 400 storage investors, Cubix offers premium facility management with decades of expertise, from legal and compliance to innovative and nimble digital marketing. We perform proprietary market analysis to create dynamic rate management, financial and performance reporting, and HR management. We also specialize in acquisition and development, designing green, state-of-the-art facilities, and partnership management of self-storage investments.

Property & Operation Managements

We provide full-service facility and operations management for a seamless worry-free operation.

Smart Technology

We invest in top-notch property management software to provide scalability and accessibility.

Rate and Revenue Management with Dynamic Pricing

We maximize revenue through real-time competitive pricing, promotion and analysis.

5-Star Service Management

We maximize the 5-star customer experience with reputation management and a premium call center.

HR, Coaching and Compliance

Turn to our experts to hire and improve productivity of employees and compliance.

On-Site and Off-Site Channel Marketing

We champion the sales cycle through partner programs, calls, emails, move-in truck wall ads, texts and “come back” offers to drive rentals faster.

Operation and Vendor Management

Trust our seasoned managers to eliminate operational inefficiencies and increase profitability.

Accounting & Financial Services

When you partner with us, you’ll be introduced to our dedicated team of accountants that is always available to assist with any accounting or finance related questions you may have.

Investment Summary

Monitor KPIs such as occupancy levels and high-level financial information in this executive summary, plus a recap of the cash balance to ensure you have a cash cushion available at all times.

Cash Management

Services include monthly bank reconciliations, monitoring of cash balances, and handling all deposits and disbursements from the facility operating account.

Occupancy Overview

Get a detailed report providing historical information and analysis on a number of occupancy and financial figures for the facility.

Full Financial Statement

See snapshots of all the assets, liabilities, and equity of the facility right at your fingertips.

Revenue and Rate Management

Stay nimble on self-storage pricing trends with our dynamic, competitive pricing to maximize your revenue based on local supply, demand, and competitor rates.

Management Summary

Measure performance, ROI, growth goals, financials and everything else you need to know with our detailed reporting, delivered directly to you each month.


We set up monitoring, and reporting for your facility’s payroll, and your staff can even participate in our healthcare and retirement plans.

Sales & Marketing Services

We customize multichannel sales and marketing campaigns to meet your customer at every touchpoint, gaining leads and rental conversion.

Best-In-Class Site Hosting

First-class website design and development that’s mobile ready and search engine optimized, with a smart chatbot for 24/7 interactive online rental.

All-In-One eCommerce

Fast and friendly e-Rental experience and streamlined eCommerce workflow integrated with property management software.

Omni-Channel Marketing With Premium Call Center

We customize multichannel campaigns to drive phone calls and storage rentals with a premium call center.

Social Media Marketing

Build a social media presence with hyper-targeting that converts, builds your brand, drives engagement and grows leads.

Search Engine Marketing

Industry-leading search engine marketing technology to bid for maximized conversions or clicks.

Map and Listing

We deliver better local search results to over 80 directory and listings to increase on-site traffic and e-rental.

Data Management

Review your facility performance at your fingertips with real-time channel-integrated reports and actionable insights.

Acquisition & Development

We specialize in the design, entitlement, construction oversight and financing of the construction process, while also offering access to our relationships with preferred vendors.


Transitioning to Cubix via sale or Property Management allows you to capitalize on your asset and minimize headaches.


We offer a full suite of services, from site/market analysis to consulting in valuation, management, capital improvement and NOI growth opportunities to position your property(s) for sale.


Looking to acquire or develop a facility, but want the experience and knowledge of an industry expert? A Joint Venture with Cubix is the perfect solution to mitigate risk and maximize upside.

Contact us today at [email protected] or call us at (925) 326-1558 to discover how our unparalleled knowledge, premium expertise in self-storage, and comprehensive range of services can drive unparalleled success for your self-storage business.