Sitelink Integrations

KISS Solutions

Kiss Solutions offers a flexible platform to help you manage your assets by leveraging our unique technology and automation features with your business model and strategy.

About KISS Solutions

With over 20 years of experience owning and operating storage facilities, the owners of Kiss Solutions have created advanced technology to service and support all customer needs while cutting overhead costs and supporting the bottom line. Using Kiss Solutions allows managers to oversee multiple store locations from anywhere, supply incredible customer service in today’s marketplace, and simplify your business model. Utilizing two-way smart video software, customer facing mobile applications, store auto-attendants, and smart cameras and sensors, Kiss Solutions is the complete package for business owners looking to step forward into the world of virtual operations.

While KISS is not a third-party management company, our software solutions allow other owners and operators to take control of their business model by cutting overhead costs, creating an inviting and welcoming customer experience, and keeping up with the current sector trends. By offering our services a la carte, the consumer truly has the freedom in determining how they wish to enhance their current business model and prepare for the future of storage.