Sitelink Integrations

XPS Solutions

About XPS Solutions

For over twenty years, XPS Solutions has been the industry’s leading third-party self-storage dedicated call center and remote management solutions provider that directly integrates with SiteLink. For a fraction of the cost to staff a facility, XPS can answer calls, take payments, lease-up units, move tenants entirely in and out, and much more with full remote management capabilities.

How XPS Solutions Works With SiteLink

XPS Solutions, seamlessly integrates with SiteLink via API to enhance your customer experience with tenants and prospects. With the SiteLink integration, our agents serve as an extension of your facility, providing visibility to inventory, tenant details, gate protocols, and e-lease, as well as enabling 24/7 payments and a convenient tenant-facing mobile app.

With over 20 years of self-storage expertise and a dedicated team, XPS offers full-time support at a fraction of the cost to hire. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses and streamline your operations with the XPS Solutions and SiteLink integration.

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