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Storable Access Control delivers an experience that’s simple, reliable, and easy to manage. So you can focus on what matters – elevating your business. 

Discover how Self Storage 101 Consulting did just that with increased operational efficiency and savings of 66% with Storable Access Control in this free-to-download case study.

Storable Access Control

A Modern, More Efficient Solution

Storable believes in empowering you to configure and manage your Access Control solution the same way you’re already running the rest of your business – with your facility management software.

Through the power of seamless integration, you can manage your program remotely, utilize tenant data to inform tenant permissions and contact a single support team to ask questions or troubleshoot issues.

The Power of Integration

Storable Access Control is fully embedded into your storEDGE software empowering you to manage your Access Control on any internet-connected device. Plus, you’ll enjoy the expert knowledge of Storable’s support team, who can provide help across the entire Storable Platform 

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  • Manage, configure, and troubleshoot your Access Control program anywhere, anytime from your facility management software.

Discover Valuable Insights

  • Capture and display Access Logs both at the facility level and on the tenant record that can be utilized to inform critical business decisions

Optimal Tenant Experience

  • Automatically grant tenants access to specific facility areas and guiding delinquent tenants to make payments when access is denied.

One Storable, One Support

Industry Expertise

Get the help you need faster from a support team with a deep understanding of storage operators and tenants’ unique needs earned from years of exclusively serving the storage industry.

Expertise Across the Storable Platform

Unlock new value between your software, Access Control solution, and the broader Storable Platform with a support team that’s knowledgeable across our entire suite of products.

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