Integrated Websites: Great For Operators, Better For Tenants.

The Metropolitan Investments and Self Storage Management Company team attempted several iterations of a facility website with little success and plenty of headaches. However, when they deployed the power and capabilities of a Storable Website seamlessly connected to their management software, they found new levels of operational efficiency while delivering an even better customer experience.

The Challenge

Better Serving Customers & Creating New Ones

Byung Cho leads Metropolitan Investments and Self Storagement Management Company, overseeing several self-storage facilities. In his role, he knows the importance of an effective website. That it needs a modern, easy-to-use interface while also working as an effective marketing tool, helping drive business and customer satisfaction. His challenge was finding a solution that did both exceptionally well.

Byung Cho and his team attempted several iterations of a website, including one they built internally before switching to an industry vendor-built website, with little to no success. As demand increased for their facilities, his staff became overwhelmed trying to help current customers and new leads. Cho was even taking calls to help keep up. He knew this was unsustainable, as the website was too reliant on manual processes, which led to dropped leads and lost dollars.

“I asked my team for years that if I can go get on a plane, rent a car… using my smartphone or computer, why can’t I do that in the storage industry? The solutions at the time were very clunky, and we couldn’t deliver on that promise. Storable was targeted as a company that felt like they could help us solve those problems.”
Byung Cho, Metropolitan Investments & SSMC


Half of all new leads at their facilities comes from their integrated Storable Website


Their integrated Storable Website quickly became their #1 source of lead-to-lease conversions

The Solution

An Operationally Efficient, Customer-Servicing Powerhouse

In his leadership role, Byung Cho was already a satisfied user of Storable’s facility management software. So, he engaged us about an integrated Storable Website’s benefits and capabilities, ultimately making the switch.

Deploying their new website that seamlessly integrated with their management software was a game-changer. More than a digital home for their facility, it became their main customer relationship interface, helping boost business results and operational efficiency, reduce the burden on their staff, and increase customer satisfaction. All crucial success metrics for Cho, who believes his staff and customers are more than business assets; they’re his community.

This experience also solidified their long-time belief that Storable is more than a vendor but a true business partner. One that knows the industry inside out and helps them run a more scalable business.

Benefits of an Integrated Storable Website:

  • Real-Time Inventory Updates
  • Online Move-Ins
  • Online Payments, Auto-Pay, eSign
  • Lead Management Capabilities

The Impact

A New Go-To Customer Relationship Management Tool

After deploying their new, fully-integrated Storable Website, it quickly became their main driver of business. With 50% of all new leads coming from their website, it’s now their #1 source of lead-to-lease conversions. But more importantly, it became their go-to customer relationship management tool, increasing customer satisfaction, and their staff’s operational efficiency.