StorEdge Access Control

Embedded Access Control. It’s time to take the power back.

We believe operators should be empowered to configure and manage their Access Control solution the same way they’re already running the rest of their business – within their facility management software.

Growing your business is our business

At Storable, we’re constantly innovating to create the best technology for an era driven by automation. Because when your facility’s security and bottom line are in question, out-of-date technology won’t cut it. As an operator, you know your time is more valuable when focused on day-to-day operations, improving tenant experiences and maximizing your revenue. That’s why you need a centralized Access Control solution with intuitive daily workflows and automation to eliminate repetitive tasks. Above all, you need a solution that empowers you to control it remotely.

Access Control by Storable delivers an experience that’s simple, reliable and easy- to-manage. So you can focus on what matters – elevating your business.

Seamless Software Integration

Cloud-Based Software — Seamlessly configure and manage your Access Control program directly within your storEDGE Software from anywhere at any time.

Remote Access Point Management — Remotely respond to Access Control issues by opening or closing your access points to ensure your tenants still have a positive experience.

Intuitive Tenant Experience

Access Point Groups — Utilize automation to ensure your tenants only have access to specific areas of your facility while preventing access to staff-only areas.

Automated Delinquency Communication — Empower your delinquent tenants with easy-to-access online payment tools automatically sent to them when they attempt to use an access point.

Comprehensive Reporting

Tenant Activity Logs — Utilize access data at the facility or tenant level to diagnose keycode issues or inform critical business decisions.

Exporting Activity Logs — Amplify your ability to make informed decisions about your business by exporting your Access Control logs and combining them with other sources of data outside of storEDGE.

One Storable, One Support

Industry Expertise — Get the help you need faster with a support team with a deep understanding of storage operators and tenants’ unique needs earned from years of exclusively serving the storage industry.

Software & Access Control Expertise — Unlock new value between your software, Access Control solution and the broader Storable Platform with a support team that’s knowledgeable across our entire suite of products.


We have Access Control at my biggest store in Petal, MS and it works flawlessly. It’s integrated in the software. It’s not something that has to be uploaded. We love the fact that it’s in real time.

Wes Mink

President Storage Choice, Petal, MS

To see the activity, to see gate codes and be able to search for different things within one integrated system has been huge from our operations perspective.

Miles Pfleghardt

CTO KO Storage, Minneapolis, MN

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