How To DO MORE: Why Your Website’s Page Speed Matters

In this webinar, we continue our How To DO MORE Webinar Series, with Cameron Barragan, our Senior Director of Product Marketing at Storable, and guest speakers, Patrick Kent our Senior Product Manager at Storable, and Alex Downey our Senior SEO Analyst at Storable. This series is focused on giving you concrete actions to increase revenue, reduce cost, and mitigate risk. 

In this webinar specifically, we discuss why your website’s page speeds matter. A website’s performance directly impacts business revenue because it represents your brand, drives engagement, and impacts conversions. We discuss SEO and how it combines many things you’re already thinking about and managing; such as content, being mobile-friendly and secure, and fast-loading pages. And finally, in this webinar, we go over some basic tools that can help improve your website’s performance including Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, and Google Search Console.

As a reminder: This webinar series resumes in January 2022. Keep an eye out for the next one and until then watch previous webinars in this series here:

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