Streamline Collections and Minimize Delinquencies with Storable’s Latest Insights Report

For most operators, the collections process is a massive headache. In the self storage industry, factors like effectiveness, efficiency, and cash flow management determine when and how often you get paid—if you get paid at all. As a result, new tools and technology have emerged to put power back in the hands of the operator.

Did you know Storable’s automated collections tool, Collection Manager, helps operators get paid 35% faster and collect 4x more than average through consistent follow-up and automation? 

“We’ve seen bad debt reductions of the order of 40%.”

 – Peter Obradovich

Director of Operations, Spaces Self Storage

Our latest report helps you assess your strengths, identify areas of improvement, and strategize how to integrate automated payments. We’ll explore questions like: How efficiently are you generating cash flow? What is your delinquency rate? Where in the customer lifecycle are customers losing communication? With a newfound understanding of your collections challenges, the report guides you through integrating new strategies and cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Best Practices: Maximize your collections and simplify your process.
  • Efficient Tools: Keep your staff aligned and gain insight into your collections.
  • Industry Insights: Access valuable resources and articles tailored for self-storage operators.

Stop chasing late payments. Download your free copy of Storable’s Collections eBook now. 

Remember, success in self-storage doesn’t have to be a journey you take on alone—let us accompany you in unlocking new levels of growth and efficiency!

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