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Automatit is the leader in providing SiteLink users custom website development & internet marketing solutions. We do it all: websites, application development & ROI-focused marketing services.


About Automatit

Automatit has been working with SiteLink users since 2006, providing online reservations and move-ins since 2009. Over the years SiteLink has continued to provide its customers advanced online capabilities through their API. Automatit has worked alongside them to ensure our mutual customers can utilize these capabilities to drive more revenue through their website. At Automatit, our goal is to take the guess work out of making important decisions that affect your revenue by creating metrics which eliminate that “black box” so many call their internet marketing efforts. Our Don’t Guess, Know! mentality, helps us “partner” in the truest sense of the word, presenting metrics that help us both track the success of our collaborative efforts.

How Automatit Works With SiteLink

If you are a SiteLink user and work with Automatit to develop your website, you will not only have the ability to show unit data and take reservations, you are able to create a completely automated rental platform.

In November 2014, SiteLink eSign™ electronic signature was introduced, and in early 2015 Automatit implemented that as a function for every website developed for a SiteLink user.

We provide to SiteLink users:

  • Seamless integration of facility data through SiteLink’s API
  • Opportunities to upsell insurance & packing supplies during the rental process
  • The ability to take full advantage of web-only special offers
  • Tracking of internet marketing campaigns
  • Full rental and/or reservation capabilities
  • Filtering of displayed units by keyword
  • Sorting of units by size, price, type & square footage
  • A PCI compliant interface for credit card transactions
  • Digital leasing through SiteLink’s E-Sign
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