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ClickandStor Directory

The ClickandStor® Directory lists top storage facilities in the country that are using The Storage Group’s innovative online storage rental tool.


About ClickandStor Directory

Find local self-storage online today at ClickandStor is the industry’s first online rental tool, allowing for 24/7 reservations and move-ins. ClickandStor is a Progressive Web App, enhancing the mobile experience with an intuitive online shopping cart. Tenants can find the perfect storage unit with filter options such as city, zip code, state, climate-controlled, wine-storage, parking, moving supplies, and more. Results are always up-to-date with the latest inventory and prices. Self-storage tenants can set up recurring payments and manage your bills online.

How ClickandStor® Directory Works With SiteLink

ClickandStor – A Kiosk In Your Pocket integrates with SiteLink and SiteLink eSign™ to display live available inventory and storage unit pricing information. Self-storage facilities that use ClickandStor and SiteLink can take advantage of SiteLink eSign’s convenient features, so tenants can sign their rental agreement completely online and move-in immediately.


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