Sitelink Integrations


Increase your occupancy, decrease your unrentables, and improve your overall NOI with the modern facility operations platform for self-storage.

nodaFi is storage owners and operators platform of choice for managing all aspects of their daily facility operations and call center ticketing. Your key benefits include,
  • Full visibility into the performance and costs associated with maintenance across all of your sites.
  • Automated digital site audits to ensure your sites are meeting your standards at all times.
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance schedules reduce liability and ensure issues are addressed before they become a problem.
  • Reduced unrentables and faster unit turnover times with workflows and SLAs that enable your team to quickly address issues.
  • Increased tenant satisfaction by empowering your site managers, maintenance technicians, and call center to work together seamlessly to triage problems.
  • Simplified communication and coordination with vendors, one central place to manage their information, work, and invoices.
  • Overall higher NOI via increased occupancy, improved turnover time, reduced unplanned maintenance expenses, and higher quality facilities.
With the nodaFi and Storable integration, you can
  • Synchronize your unit information directly from Storable, allowing your facility and call center teams to access critical information in real-time.
  • Link unit information to nodaFi Smart Signs, empowering your team and/or tenants to escalate a facility issue simply by pointing their phone camera at a unit.
  • Gain insights from combined reports on maintenance costs, unrentables, and other key facility operation KPIs.