Sitelink Integrations


StorageDefender is a property technology platform and service delivery company who has pioneered smart units as a new premium tenant-paid service and smart zones for facility automation to drive operational savings.

Become smart and earn more with each storage unit rental.

StorageDefender is the pioneer and leading provider of smart units for self storage owners/operators. Individual smart unit monitoring not only provide tenants added protection, but also enhance customer’s experience in storage operations. StorageDefender Smart Units enable a new, independent, recurring revenue stream for each subscribing tenant.

Some of StorageDefender’s additional benefits include:

  • Lowest start-up costs for smart tech facility modernization
  • No cumbersome tenant mobile app needed nor complex device pairing
  • Minimal facility maintenance and complexity
  • Impressive StorageDefender Smart Unit brand package for Increased digital and at-store curb appeal
  • StorageDefender’s smart tech platform supports a range of additional Smart Zone sensors for centralized remote property management and automation

How StorageDefender Works with SiteLink

  • StorageDefender seamlessly integrates with Sitelink for easy tenant charging, onboarding, move-out, and renter management.
  • Both at the counter and from the web, the addition of tenants who use StorageDefender will be automatically added.

Check out our smart unit brochure –  HERE